Your fencing doesn’t just define your property line, it is also a significant component of your home’s outdoor aesthetic. If you have a metal fence that is in the front of your property, it plays a major part of the first impression that is given to approaching guests. It’s of great importance that you choose a finish for your metal fencing that is both durable and attractive. Powder coating excels in both of these categories. Here’s a look at six benefits of powder coating your metal fence.

Weather Resistant

Whether it’s pounding rain or unrelenting summertime sun rays, powder coating will provide the tough weather resistance that you need and your home’s metal fencing will continue to look beautiful.


When applied by a professional, the powder coating on your metal fence will remain strong and attractive for twenty years or more.

Minimal Maintenance

With powder coating, you can largely forget about it once it’s been applied to your fence. You can do a little spot cleaning as needed with mild soap and filtered water.

Many Color Choices

You want your metal fencing to match well with your property’s outdoor aesthetic. With powder coating, there is a broad spectrum of colors to choose from, from earthy tones to flashy vibrancy.

A Greener Option

Unlike conventional paints, powder coating doesn’t incorporate those polluting chemical solvents. Also, any of the coating that doesn’t adhere during application can be recycled for future use.

Curb Appeal

By powder coating your front gate or wrought iron fencing, you’ll help to beautify your property in the eyes of anyone who comes near.

If you’re interested in powder coating your metal fencing, be sure to get in touch with a reputable company. For powder coating in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Burbank, CA, the experts to contact are at Sundial Powder Coatings at (818) 767-4477. Go ahead and give Sundial Powder Coatings a call today to request a quote!