For some people, powder coating is still somewhat unfamiliar. However, in recent years it is a practice that has grown greatly in popularity, and for very good reason. Powder coating is a cost-effective, environmentally-conscious means of providing an incredibly durable coat for any number of household items. From barbecues to car parts to knives, powder coating is a great way to obtain a long-lasting finish that also has great aesthetic appeal. There are a number of reasons to choose powder coating over traditional painting. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of powder coating.

Long Lifespan

When you hire a reputable company to apply powder coating to your household items, you can expect the coating to last well into the future. In fact, it is common for powder coating to continue to look as if it was freshly applied for two decades following its application. Unlike with traditional painting, you won’t have to go about regularly refinishing to ensure that the coating continues to look great.

Incredibly Versatile

You might be surprised to discover just how many different items can be effectively powder coated. From door frames to patio furniture to truck bedliners, powder coating can provide a durable, attractive finish.

Earth Friendly

Unlike traditional paints, powder coating doesn’t use chemical solvents that are damaging to the environment. Also, any of the coating that doesn’t adhere to the surface during application can be recycled and used on a future job. It’s durability also contributes to its environmental sensitivity because it doesn’t require regular refinishing.

Wide Variety of Colors to Choose From

Some folks associate powder coating with more industrial style jobs that don’t require vibrant color. While powder coating can be great for many industrial jobs, it can also accommodate virtually any color scheme in a residential setting. From bright reds and pinks to muted tones, powder coating can provide you with just the look that you’re after.

Outdoor Use

Powder coating is exceptionally useful on outdoor items such as patio furniture and metal fencing because of the incredible protection it provides from the elements.

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