Powder coating is an excellent alternative to traditional spray paints in a number of different ways. It provides incredible protection from the elements, while lasting for years and years down the road. In addition to that, powder coating is much more environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t use any of those harsh chemical solvents.

Powder coating’s versatility makes it ideal for a wide variety of different kinds of jobs. It’s cut out for heavy-duty work, but is also an effective, attractive coating for a number of day-to-day products that don’t need extensive weather protection. Here’s a look at some of the different kinds of situations in which powder coating is a great choice for the job.

Patio Furniture Powder Coating

Whether you’re concerned about unrelenting sun or pounding rain, powder coating is up to the challenge. From wrought iron benches to outdoor dining sets to railings, powder coating will provide you with excellent weather resistance. Not only will it give your outdoor furniture excellent protection, it will also provide a crisp, stylish look that can be applied in a broad spectrum of different colors.

Metal Fence Powder Coating

Whether for a front gate or for elaborate wrought iron fencing, powder coating is a great way to keep your fencing looking sharp. Your fencing is a major focal point of your outdoor aesthetic and helps to create an impression on all who visit your home. Powder coating can help your fencing look defined and immaculate.

Household Items

From light fixtures to metal door frames, powder coating can give aspects of your home’s interior a crisp look as well.

Garage Items

Car wheels and bicycle frames and truck bedliners are some of the items that hang out in your garage that can greatly benefit from powder coating.

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