There are a number of reasons that powder coating has increased in popularity in recent years. While familiarity might compel some people to use conventional paints by default, there are many benefits to choosing powder coating instead. Powder coating can be used on myriad metal objects and is desirable because it looks great, is very durable, and offers environmental benefits. Here’s a look at six reasons to choose powder coating.


When applied by a true professional, you can expect the coating to continue to look great for some twenty years to come.

Weather Resistance

Whether beating rain or unrelenting sun, powder coating will stand strong and maintain its ability to provide excellent protection.

Great for Automotive Uses

From bumpers to roll bars to trailer hitches, powder coating is certainly worth considering for a finish that is sleek and durable.


You might be surprised by how many different household items can benefit from powder coating. Light fixtures, barbecues, and water heaters are just a few of the possibilities.

Aesthetic Appeal

Whatever your desired color scheme, you’ll likely find a shade of powder coating to match it. It’ll then provide a radiant look for years to come.

A Greener Option

Unlike conventional paints, powder coating doesn’t incorporate any of those polluting chemical solvents. Also, any powder coating that does not adhere during application can be collected and recycled for future use.

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