Even if you’re accustomed to using spray paint for various jobs around the house and in the garage, it’s certainly worthwhile to consider the benefits offered by powder coating. Powder coating offers superior protection against the elements, while also providing a more environmentally-friendly option. In addition to that, it’s available in a wide array of different color shades, making it easy to find just the right hue to match your desired aesthetic. Here’s a look at five reasons to choose powder coating instead of spray paint.

Better Adhesiveness

Powder coating much more effectively adheres to surfaces than does spray paint. And with the way that it sticks so strongly to the substrate, you don’t have to be as concerned about the materials becoming chipped and corroded.

Thickness of Application

Powder coating applications typically range between two and ten times the thickness of that of spray paint.

Excellent for Transport

When transporting over long distances, powder coating is a great option because of how its flexibility makes it significantly less vulnerable to cracking when being hauled over bumpy terrain.

A Greener Option

The manufacturing of powder coating does not involve the use of the polluting chemical solvents that are commonly found in paints, making it a more environmentally-sound choice.

Resistance to Corrosion

If you made a concerted effort, you could scratch up powder coating, but powder coating’s strong scratch resistance will make it hard for that to happen. And in the event that some scratching does occur and the material is left outdoors, there won’t be reason for concern about rust spreading in the same way that there would be if the coating was done with spray paint.

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