There are numerous benefits of choosing powder coating over conventional painting. For one, powder coating is incredibly durable and can be fully trusted to stand up to the elements. When applied by a professional, you can expect the coat to continue to look great for some 20 years, even when applied to outdoor furnishings that are left exposed to intense heat and pouring rain. Beyond that, powder coating has environmental value in that it doesn’t use those harsh chemical solvents that are found in conventional paints. It also holds great visual appeal. Whatever your home’s aesthetic, you’ll be able to find a color that matches.

It might be surprising to learn just how many different household products can be powder coated instead of conventionally painted. Here’s a look seven different ways that powder coating can be used at home.


So long as your wheels are aluminum, powder coating will work great for them. Because vehicle wheels take such abuse, powder coating is an excellent choice.

Bicycle Frames

Powder coating can give your old two-wheeler a restorative shine that will ensure you’re riding in style.


Because powder coating is non-toxic, it’s a great choice for products that involve the preparation of food.


Get your barbecue prepped for the soon return of prime cookout season. Powder coating will give your grill a stylish flare.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are a critical component of your home’s aesthetic, and powder coating can provide the color and radiance that you desire.

Baby Cribs

This is another great use of powder coating because of its non-toxicity.

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