Powder coating will provide you with a beautiful finish that also offers excellent protection from the elements. While it’s popular for industrial purposes, it’s also a great choice for many jobs around the house. It’s durability is one of its defining characteristics and—when applied by a professional—you can expect it to look great for twenty years or more. Here’s a look at six reasons to choose powder coating.

Superior Weather Protection

From unrelenting rain to unforgiving sun, powder coating will consistently keep your materials protected from Mother Nature.

Powder Coating for Transporting Materials

Powder coating’s flexibility makes it a great choice for materials that need to be transported long distances because they’ll be less prone to cracking along the way.

Vehicle Powder Coating

Powder coating can give your ride a shiny protective coating, whether for a bedliner, wheels, or paneling.

Metal Fence Powder Coating

For wrought iron fences, powder coating is a great choice because it will protect your investment in the fencing while giving you a sleek look.

Better for the Environment

Unlike conventional paints, powder coating doesn’t incorporate those polluting chemical solvents. On top of that, any coating that is leftover from a job can be recycled.

Aesthetic Appeal

Powder coating is available in a variety of different colors and you’ll likely find just the right shade to give you the look you’re after.

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