Whether you’re trying to cover up the wear on an appliance, or trying to provide protection from further wear, powder coating is a great way to go. It is less wasteful than painting, doesn’t use the harmful solvents, and looks great. Many people tend to follow tradition for tradition’s sake, rather than pursuing more modern, efficient means of going about their life. People often choose painting only because that’s what they’re accustomed to. However, the benefits of powder coating are impossible to ignore. And while we tend to associate powder coating with larger scale projects like fences, it can also be a perfect fit for many smaller jobs. There are myriad items that are compatible to powder coating. Here are six of them that you likely have in your own possession:

Water heater

Sure, it’s not the aesthetic focal point of your home, but it still deserves some love for all the hard work it does. Keep it protected with a coating.


The mailbox is part of your home, and deserves to be treated as such. There is a wealth of colors to choose from when powder coating. Surely you’ll find one that will match your mailbox with your home.


Since it spends its life outdoors, the barbecue is particularly vulnerable to wear. But when summertime rolls back around, you’ll want it to be looking good. Keep it looking sleek and shiny with a powder coating.

Tool box

You treat your tools with care, do the same for their home. Just because the tool box lives in the garage doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of protection and a shiny look.


Railings take a lot of abuse, particularly outdoor ones. Going with powder coating will let you choose an appealing color while reducing wear.


Yes, even something this small is a candidate for powder coating. If you’re someone who often hosts dinner parties, you know the importance of having silverware that looks like it was crafted for royalty.

If you’re considering powder coating for any of your residential needs, be sure to get ahold of a true professional. In the Los Angeles area, the experts to contact are at Sundial Powder Coatings at (818) 767-4477. Let Sundial increase the value of your possessions.