5 Reasons to Powder Coat Your Metal Fencing

Your fencing plays a pivotal role in both your home’s aesthetic and its security. If you have a metal fence, powder coating can be an excellent way to help ensure that it stays in top shape for years and years to come. Your fencing is subject to the will of... [Read More]

What kinds of jobs are good for powder coating?

Powder coating is an excellent alternative to traditional spray paints in a number of different ways. It provides incredible protection from the elements, while lasting for years and years down the road. In addition to that, powder coating is much more... [Read More]

4 Reasons to Powder Coat Your Patio Furniture

For those who aren’t familiar with powder coating, they might be surprised to learn of the many benefits that it offers over conventional painting techniques. Powder coating is incredibly durable, as well as more environmentally-friendly, and is the optimal... [Read More]

4 Great Benefits of Powder Coating

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4 Outdoor Home Features to Powder Coat

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Why should I powder coat my metal fence?

Powder coating is an excellent option to choose in place of conventional painting. Unlike conventional paints, powder coating doesn’t incorporate those harmful solvents that are environmentally damaging. Beyond that, it will stand up strong against the elements,... [Read More]

7 Reasons to Choose Powder Coating

Powder coating has become an increasingly popular alternative to conventional paint, and for good reason. It provides an attractive, durable finish that will stand up to weather extremes. In addition to that, it is considered to be more environmentally sound than... [Read More]

4 Great Benefits of Powder Coating Your Patio Furniture

The summertime temperatures are heating up and, while it’s not something we often stop to think about, those UV rays can cause significant wear and tear on your patio furniture. By powder coating your outdoor tables and chairs, you can feel confident that... [Read More]

Choose Powder Coating For These 5 Products

Powder coating offers several benefits over conventional painting. For one, it has incredible durability, with the coating continuing to look great for over 20 years with only minimal maintenance. In addition to that, there are environmental benefits over conventional... [Read More]