Your home’s fencing is one of its more noticeable outdoor features, which is good reason to be proactive about keeping up its appearance. If you’re looking to increase both the aesthetic and functional value of your metal fencing, then it’s worthwhile to consider powder coating it. Here’s a look at six benefits of powder coating your metal fence.


When applied by a professional, you can expect the powder coating to continue to look great and provide protection for twenty years or longer.

Weather Resistance

Whether it’s sweltering sun rays or unrelenting rain, powder coating will keep your fencing strongly protected against the elements.

Available in Many Colors

Whatever your home’s outdoor aesthetic, you’ll find the right shade for your fencing to provide you with the look that you want. From subtle tones to bright colors, a broad spectrum of hues is available.

Low Maintenance

When the powder coating application is done expertly, you can pretty much forget about it for years to come. Just a little bit of periodic spot cleaning with filtered water and mild soap will suffice.

Environmental Benefit

Powder coating does not incorporate the harsh chemical solvents that are found in conventional paints. In addition to that, any of the coating that doesn’t adhere during application can be recycled.

Curb Appeal

If your metal fencing is located in the front of your property, powder coating can help to boost that desirable curb appeal.

If you’re considering powder coating your metal fencing, be sure to get in touch with a reputable company. For powder coating in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Burbank, CA, the experts to contact are at Sundial Powder Coatings at (818) 767-4477. Go ahead and give Sundial Powder Coatings a call today to request a quote!