Powder coating has a number of advantages over conventional paints. For one, it is incredibly durable, and you can expect it to continue to look great for more than 20 years—even in outdoor conditions. It stands up strong against extreme heat and pounding rain, so it’s an excellent choice for metal fencing and patio furniture. In addition to that, it is the more environmentally-conscious choice because it doesn’t contain those harsh chemical solvents that conventional paint does. Furthermore, it is incredibly versatile and can be used on all kinds of household products. Here’s a look at six household items that will benefit from being powder coated.

Light Fixtures

For the detail-oriented home designer, the light fixtures are a crucial component of the home’s aesthetic.

Metal Doors & Frames

Powder coating provides a tough exterior coating that can stand up to the abuse that doors and frames are liable to take.


If you consider yourself to be a grill master, you want to be sure that your BBQ is kept in pristine condition.

Car Wheels

Powder coating can give them a restorative shine!

Truck Bedliner

If you regularly put your truck to work, then its bed is likely to take a beating. Keep it better protected with a powder coat.

Bicycle Frames

Give your old two-wheeler a good looking coat before you take it out cruising!

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