In Southern California, it’s part of the lifestyle to barbecue as often as possible. If you love to host a big cookout, it’s important that your patio furniture is kept in great shape throughout the seasons. By choosing powder coating, you can help to ensure that your outdoor furniture will continue to look sharp for years to come. Whether blazing sun or pounding rain, powder coating will stand strong and provide excellent protection. Here’s a look at five benefits of powder coating your patio furniture.

Aesthetic Appeal

Powder coating can be applied in a broad spectrum of colors. Whatever aesthetic you seek for your patio, you’ll be able to find the right hue to fit your tastes. And when the application is done by a reputable professional, you can trust that the finish will look crisp and clean—and will stay that way well into the future.


When done professionally, it is commonplace for powder coating to not need reapplication for some twenty years.

Weather Resistance

Your metal patio furniture can become damaged by UV rays if it’s not properly protected. Powder coating will hold up strong against the sun, as well as anything else that Mother Nature has to offer.

Right Price

When compared to conventional paints, powder coating offers economical pricing, especially when you consider its benefits.

Better for the Environment

Powder coating doesn’t use those harmful, polluting chemical solvents that are found in conventional paints.

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