It’s no coincidence that powder coating has gained great popularity in recent years. Not only does it provide a coating that looks beautiful and is weather-resistant, but it also offers environmental benefits over spray paint because it doesn’t incorporate the harmful chemical solvents. From patio furniture to metal fencing to a vast number of everyday household items, powder coating is an excellent choice for a sleek, durable finish. Here’s a look at five benefits of powder coating over spray paint.

Resists Rust

Powder coating is extremely scratch resistant, but should the finish become scratched, you won’t have to worry about rust developing in the way that you would if conventional spray paints have been used.

Prevent Chipping

Powder coating securely attaches to the substrate, which means that there is a decreased likelihood of chipping.


When the coating is done by a reputable professional, you can count on it being between two and ten times thicker than spray paint.

Protection During Transport

For products that have to be hauled a long ways, powder coating is an excellent choice because it is more flexible than conventional spray paints, and is therefore more capable of resisting cracking.

Better for the Environment

Not only does powder coating not use those harsh chemical solvents, it can also be recycled by collecting any coating that doesn’t adhere during application and then saved for use in the future.

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