While most of us are more accustomed to using traditional paint products on our household items, we shouldn’t continue to use paint simply out of tradition. Rather, it’s important to consider all options and then make a decision based on what is going to be most efficient. For many of the jobs around the house that might have you instinctively looking for the spray paint, you should take powder coating into consideration instead. Powder coating is available in a broad spectrum of colors, it is cost-effective, and it is much gentler on the environment than paint. In addition to all that, it provides a radiant, seamless look that can get an old appliance looking brand new again.

Many people are not aware of just how many home products can be powder coated rather than spray painted. Powder coating is incredibly versatile and if it is powder coated, it will have a more professional look. There are many reasons to go with powder coating instead of spray paint. Here are five of those reasons:


Powder coating does a much better job of sticking to surfaces than does spray paint. Because it adheres so well to the substrate, you ultimately have less to worry about in terms of chipping and corrosion.


Powder coats are generally over twice as thick as a coating of spray paint, and sometimes as much as ten times the thickness.

Resistance to Corrosion

While you could scratch powder coating if you really made the effort to do so, it is more resistant to scratches. However, if it does become scratched and it is left outside and exposed to the elements, you won’t have to worry about rust spreading in the way you would have to with spray paint.


Because powder coating is so flexible, it is much less susceptible to cracking when being moved around. This makes it a great candidate for a coating on products that need to be transported long distances.

Environmental Benefits

Because powder coating does not incorporate the harsh chemical solvents that paint does, those contaminants are kept out of ecosystem.

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