When your fence starts to look dilapidated, it can make the entire exterior of your home look like it’s starting to fall apart. Your fence indicates more than the property line; it also indicates how much attention you give to general home maintenance. When it comes time to spruce up your metal fence, don’t go running for the paint can. Instead, use an alternative that is stylish, environmentally friendly, and incredibly protective. There are many reasons to have your metal fence powder coated. Here are four:

Aesthetic quality

Powder coating can be done in a variety of decorative colors. From natural, earthy tones to flashier colors, there are a number of options. The coating is applied in a thick, uniform manner that gives your fence a look that is both professional and stylish. Many people associate powder coating with industrial jobs, but it can be applied on residential level as well, and is a great way to update your metal fence’s look.

Incredible Protection

Powder coating is maybe best known for its durability. It is used on surfaces and tools that take a lot of abuse. From chainsaws to guardrails, powder coating is the go-to for products that require a heavy-duty finish. It’ll help protect your metal fence from chips and cracks, and any other hazard that the elements can throw at it.

Curb Appeal

Because of its ability to provide aesthetic appeal and strong protection for your metal fence, it will ultimately increase the curb appeal of your home. You can think of your fence as if it exists as the frame for the prized painting that is your home. If you were to hang a Van Gogh above your fireplace, you wouldn’t frame it with tattered metal slats. Think of your home the same way. A revamped, powder coated fence will increase your curb appeal in a way that will catch the eyes of neighbors, friends, and prospective home buyers.

Go Green

Unlike paint, powder coating doesn’t use a solvent, meaning that it doesn’t incorporate the same harmful pollutants. Also, any of the extra powder coating that does not adhere to the surface during application can be reclaimed and reused.

If you’re considering updating your metal fence, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. For residential powder coating in the Los Angeles area, contact Sundial Powder Coatings at (818) 767-4477. It’s time to for your fence to look stylish and stay protected.