Many people are not familiar with powder coating, and are therefore unable to enjoy its benefits. Because people are much more familiar with standard painting, they continue to go that route simply out of custom. However, in recent times powder coating has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional painting, and there are many good reasons for the change in preference.

Powder coating offers incredible durability, with strong resistance to scratches and weather wear. It provides a high-quality finish that looks crisp and clean. Just about any color in the spectrum is available with powder coating, so you’ll be able to match it with whatever your situation calls for. In addition to all this, powder coating is also much more environmentally friendly than traditional painting, as it doesn’t incorporate those harmful chemical solvents. There are a number of general benefits to going with powder coating. Here is a look at four of those benefits.


Powder coating can hold its appearance for over 20 years. The lifespan will depend somewhat on whether the item that is powder coated is stored indoors or outdoors. Nonetheless, powder coating offers great resistance against extreme weather. If you’ve got a job that needs a layer of toughness, this could be a great way to go.


While people generally associate powder coating with larger jobs, such as fencing, there are a plethora of other items that can be powder coated. From chainsaws to mailboxes to railings, the versatility of powder coating is one of its greatest features. Even something as small as a knife qualifies.

Aesthetic Value

Powder coating is applied in a layer that is thick and rich. It is available in a wide assortment of colors, from muted tones to flashy brights. While people commonly associate powder coating with industrial jobs, it excels in a residential setting. If you’re looking to revive a dilapidated fence, it can be a great choice.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only does powder coating not contain those polluting solvents; any of the extra powder coating that does not adhere to the surface during application can be reclaimed and used on a future project.

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