Often, when it comes time to beautify and protect home furnishings, the instinct is to go with traditional painting. It’s what we’re most accustomed to and therefore most likely to use. However, just because we’ve done something a particular way in the past, doesn’t mean that it’s the most efficient way to do it now. Times change, technology improves. Powder coating is a great way to go for a number of jobs. Because of all the benefits, more and more people have become open to powder coating as an option. Still, a lot of folks don’t realize just how many different kinds of products can be powder coated. It goes far beyond just big projects like fences. From water heaters to barbecues to knives, a wide variety of household objects can be powder coated. Powder coating leaves a crisp, clean look and can be done in a broad spectrum of colors. As an added perk, it doesn’t use those harsh, chemical solvents that are found in paint, thus keeping those pollutants out of the environment.

When it comes time for you to decide which powder company to employ, you’ll want to find one that has expertise in a variety of specific areas. Even if the work you need doesn’t require a broad skillset, by hiring a company that is capable of handling an array of jobs, you’ll know that you’re getting a true professional. There are three basic areas that any reputable powder coating company should be able to handle. Here they are:

Residential Powder Coating

With residential services, a powder coating company will be able to handle any automotive or household item, big or small. From car wheels to light fixtures to ATVs, you’ll receive a shiny new look that will help to protect your possessions from wear and tear. And you’ll be surprised at just how cost-effective powder coating is, even when it comes to small jobs on your household items.

Patio Furniture Coating

This in one of the classic uses of powder coating. Patio furniture is subject to harsh weather conditions, whether beating sun or pounding rain. Powder coating will help to protect your outdoor chairs and tables from the elements. And we all know how important it is to keep our patio furniture looking good for the next time we have a barbecue. Powder coating will give it a like-new look that will last.

Metal Fence Coating

This another instance where powder coating is an unbeatable option. Your fence is an extension of your house and you want it to look good. Too often we see people’s dilapidated fences dragging down the aesthetic value of a home. By going with powder coating, you’ll keep your fence’s appearance up, while protecting it from wear.

If you’re considering using powder coating for any job on your property, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. In the Los Angeles area, the experts to contact are at Sundial Powder Coating (818) 767-4477. Let Sundial show you the incredible benefits of powder coating.