Many people turn to conventional painting by default simply because they’re accustomed to it. However, once people discover the benefits of powder coating they tend to become enthusiasts of the medium. Powder coating is incredibly durable, regularly continuing to look great for over a decade down the road, even in the outdoors. It also has environmental benefits in that it doesn’t incorporate those harmful chemical solvents like conventional paint does. Also, any excess coating that falls to the wayside during application can be recycled for future use. In addition to that, powder coating is incredibly versatile. There’s a common misconception that powder coating is reserved primarily for big outdoor jobs, such as on a metal fence. While it does indeed work great for those kinds of jobs, it is an excellent option for a number of other situations as well. Here’s a look at five common households items that can be powder coated instead of conventionally painted.

Interior Furniture

If you have metal cabinets and/or shelving in your office that need some love, powder coating can be of great benefit.

Patio Furniture

To help keep your outdoor furniture protected from the unrelenting sun, go ahead and give it a fresh powder coating.


If you love to host a cookout, you want to be sure that your work station remains in tip-top condition.

Light Fixtures

Your light fixtures are a significant component of your home’s aesthetic; make sure they pass the eye test with a powder coating.

Metal Doors & Frames

Doors tend to take a beating, but by powder coating them you’ll be able to help reduce the damage.

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