Powder coating offers several benefits over conventional painting. For one, it has incredible durability, with the coating continuing to look great for over 20 years with only minimal maintenance. In addition to that, there are environmental benefits over conventional painting because powder coating doesn’t incorporate the harmful chemical solvents that the other products do.

Many people are quite surprised by powder coating’s versatility, thinking of it as primarily for industrial uses. However, it can be used in a number of different residential situations as well. Here’s a look at five common products that can be powder coated rather than conventionally painted.

Truck Bedliner

If you regularly haul loads, you can help to keep your bedliner protected and looking great by powder coating it.

Metal Doors & Frames

This is an instance of how powder coating can be incorporated directly into your home as a way to increase aesthetic and functional value.

Metal Fencing

This is one of the more common uses for powder coating. Keep your fence protected from the unrelenting sun by powder coating it.


If you love to host a big cookout, powder coating can be a great way to get your grill looking top-notch before the next feast.

Patio Furniture

Keep your tables and chairs safe from the elements by getting them powder coated before the next big heat wave.

If you’re considering powder coating for any of your household items, be sure to get in touch with a reputable company. For powder coating in the Los Angeles area, the experts to contact are at Sundial Powder Coatings at (818) 767-4477. Go ahead and give Sundial Powder Coatings a call today!