There’s good reason that powder coating has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many folks choose to use it instead of conventional painting because it provides superior protection and a beautiful finish. On top of that, it offers environmental benefits because it doesn’t incorporate polluting chemical solvents. Here’s a look at six benefits of choosing powder coating.

Long Lasting

When the application is done by a reputable professional, you can expect the coating to continue to look great for some 20 years or longer.

Weather Protection

Whether pounding rain or blazing sun, powder coating is an excellent choice for protection from the elements.

Protection During Transit

For products that are going to be hauled long distances, powder coating is a great choice because it is more flexible than conventional spray paints, which in turn makes it more resistant to cracking.


Powder coating is great for a variety of both indoor and outdoor objects, from metal fencing to light fixtures to bicycle frames.

Rust Resistant

While powder coating is incredibly scratch resistant, if a scratch does occur, you won’t have to worry about rust setting in like you would with conventional spray paint.

Greener Option

In addition to not using those harsh chemical solvents, any coating that doesn’t adhere during application can be recycled.

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