If you’ve never stopped to consider powder coating as an option in place of conventional painting methods, you’ll want to get to know better this efficient and affordable process. Powder coating is incredibly durable and provides a crisp, aesthetically-pleasing finish. The next time you need to coat a household item, it’s an option certainly worth exploring. Here are four of the benefits of powder coating.

Weather Resistance

Whether blistering heat or driving rain, powder coating is up to the challenge. You can generally bank on powder coating continuing to look great for upward of twenty years. Coat it and forget about it.

Environmentally Conscious

Unlike conventional paints, powder coating doesn’t contain those chemical solvents that are harmful to the environment. Also, during the application process, any excess coating that doesn’t adhere can be recycled for future use.

Great for a Variety of Jobs

Powder coating is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor jobs. It’s especially well-known for its effectiveness as a coating for metal fencing and outdoor furniture. But it also works great for a number of different items, from light fixtures to barbecues to car wheels and truck bedliners.

Looks Great

In addition to the functional benefits, powder coating also offers excellent aesthetic value. It can be applied in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to match it up with the surrounding color scheme.

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